{Friday Fab 5-St. Paul Edition}

For those of you who noticed, I haven’t posted a Motivation Monday post in a couple of weeks. With work being super busy and lots of races on deck I need time to write about those topics. I also have some other really fun stuff going on in real-life that seems more important. I am still posting motivation Monday on Instagram so check me out there and I will continue my Fab 5 posts.

This finally brings me to this week.
{#1-Lady Gaga}
I took a personal day this week to attend a Lady Gaga concert with friends. I’ve always liked her, but after attending her concert, I love her. She put on an amazing show and was extremely personal with her fans. She is awesome!

{#2-The Liffey Bar}

After Lady Gaga the girls and I headed to The Liffey Bar for a snack and drinks on the rooftop bar. It was beautiful up there and awesome to be outside and not be freezing at night.

{#3-The Buttered Tin}

After a night on the town it was brunch the next day at this adorable and yummy place. I only wish I felt well enough to eat what the others did. My hash towns were tasty though. Definitely check them out if you are ever in St. Paul!

{#4-Spring Walks}

After brunch we went for a pretty spring walk.

{#5-Med City Half}

This weekend we are off to Rochester to run the half marathon with a group of friends!

Anyone running a Memorial Day weekend race? Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “{Friday Fab 5-St. Paul Edition}

  1. I haven’t been checking the blog world as much but now that you say you haven’t been posting…I did notice that in my bloglovin’ feed!! Hope you are doing well! It looks like you had an incredible night out!! I hope you have a fantastic race!!!

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