#100happydays {post-100 days}

A little over a hundred days ago I decided to complete the 100 happy days photo challenge. The task: take the time to find something that brings you happiness each day. The goal isn’t to buy or make this challenge about material items. I did my best not to derive my happiness from shopping or store bought joy, but sometimes new shoes just make a girl happy.

The end result they say is happier people who find joy and smiles in little things each day and who can find positives in each day. The end result is a shift in thinking or simply put-an attitude adjustment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life and forget what we have or more importantly who we have. The 100 happy days challenge helped remind me to think and some days search for good that happened.

My results: I do feel happier, struggle less to be positive about a bad day and feel I can find good in each day. Try it for yourself. But, the key is TRY it for yourself not just post random photos. Finding happiness in the simple things on a rough day isn’t easy! We could all use a bit more try in this area. We’ve got nothing to lose!

Here are my past 100 days:
Simply post a photo each day of something that brought you joy, happiness or was a positive in your day and add the hash tag #100happydays

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “#100happydays {post-100 days}

    • It was fun! I felt it helped me personally grow. Some days it was easy to find the positives, but it was finding it on those rough days over the 100 days that made the difference! Go for it!

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