{Friday Fab 5-Winter Rambles, Athleta, Campfire Treat…}

This whole working five days in a row thing…wow! I don’t even think I had a chance to breathe this week. As I write this post I’m very behind on my miles, so weekend warrior it is this weekend.

{#1-Weekend Warrior Runner in the Midwest Right Now}
Screenshot 2014-01-16 23.00.30
This made me laugh out loud. One-it sometimes feels true. Two-I love A Christmas Story.  You’ll shoot your eye out!

{#2-Winter Weather}

It has finally warmed up some, but that usually means lots of snow or sleet, or both! At least the trees looked pretty afterwards.  Think about the positive!


Their newest catalog arrived in the mail this week. Paging through it had me smiling and excited page after page. Way to go, Athleta! Much improved on the style front.  If you’ve never checked out Athleta before, definitely head over to their website to see what it is all about.  I consider their workout gear a bit pricey, however after falling victim to Lululemonitis I’ll admit my price sense has been distorted.  I’ve also learned, with the exception of Target C9 gear, you pay for what you get.  Please steer me in the right direction if some of you have found other brands of running clothes that are cute, stylish, comfortable, and affordable.  I’ve yet to do this with the exception of C9.

{#4-Made it to Thursday celebration}

Like I said…five full days of work with obligations after work each day-tough stuff! I do love it though!

{#5-Campfire Treat Candle}

Yumazing! There is something so comforting and make-you-smile-feel-good about this scent. Makes me think summer!

Hope you’ve all had a great week. Stay warm and stay tuned for Sunday’s Wisconsin Marathon Training Post-Week 3.

Happy Weekend!

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