{Friday Fab 5-ice skating, badgers, ice caves…}

Little less work this week and more time to play!
{#1-Ice Skating}

We were in Madison to go to a Badger game on Wednesday, and I knew there was a winter activity we had yet to accomplish-ice skating. For the first time in 16 years I laced up a pair of skates and hit the ice of the Tenney Park lagoons. It was my first time skating on a frozen body of water rather than a rink.

{#2-Go Badgers}

March Madness is almost here! Badgers D was looking much better than earlier this season.

{#3-Go West}

Now that these babies arrived intense planning for our summer road trip is under way! Any suggestions are requested!

{#4-Solid Miles Ran}

With taking almost an entire week off from running last week, I can happily say it felt AMAZING to get outside and run some miles this week. Our 8 mile run on Tuesday felt like nothing as the miles ticked by. Let’s hope the same can be said for our long run this weekend.

{#5-Apostle Island Ice Caves}

Credit: Philip Schwartz Photography
Today is a half day at school for parent teacher-conferences, so we are headed north after to visit the ice caves. I’ve alway wanted to go, and last weekend we missed out going with some friends, so we are taking advantage of one more winter weekend outdoors!

Happy Weekend!

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