{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-Halloweens Past}
Halloween Collage
This is the first year Ryan and I are not dressing up and celebrating Halloween. I guess we’re getting old. We’ve had our share of fun over the past years though…

{#2-Halloween Present}
hocus pocus
Involved me eating too many Twix bars. Seriously way too many and watching some classic Halloween movies. I love Hocus Pocus almost more than Twix. This was followed by…

{#3-SCARY movies}
Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 10.36.19 PM
We have this ritual of watching scary movies on Halloween. It’s a once a year thing because I cannot handle it. I seriously freak out; heart pounding, screaming, eyes and ears covered. I really don’t like them, but make myself watch because I sort of like them. For the next month I will check closets, under beds, sleep with my phone…

{#4-Zombies may kill me this weekend}
Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 10.37.27 PM
In the scary movie above a tunnel blows up trapping people and zombies brutally chase and stab people (in the first half). Perfect for the Rails to Trails Half Marathon I’m running Sunday. Now I have to worry about tunnels blowing up and murderous zombies chasing and trying to kill me. This is why I can’t watch scary movies but once a year.

{#5-Today is November 1st}
This means it is a great time of year to once again remember all the things we have to be thankful for. Last year we wrote it on the wall, literally. We plan to do this again as a daily reminder of the amazing life we live. Too often we take things in our life, big and little, for granted.

Happy Weekend!