{Turkey Trot errr…NOT}

Today I got up ate a pre-run breakfast, dressed in the warm layers I’d laid out the night before for my Turkey Trot race, packed hydration, made a new mini-playlist, and headed to the race.  I was excited to wear my new Reebok Cold Weather Compression tights that I got a super good deal on at the new Dick’s Sporting Goods that just opened near me.  Things were going smoothly.  Except halfway through my 45 minute drive to packet pickup and the race I heard the local radio station talking about turkey trotters running past their window and how cold they looked.  Say WHAT??!!

I promptly asked Siri what time the Turkey Trot started only to find that it started at 8:00 a.m. not 9:00 a.m. like this past weekends trot.  I had it in my pregnant brain that both trots started at 9:00.  After triple checking my error, I turned the car around full of disappointment.  I might have even cried a few tears.  I know… no use crying over my first missed race by mistake except this was more than just a race for me.  It was likely my last race before a long winter of mostly indoor runs and not racing.  It may have been my last race pre-baby.

While I’m super excited to have this little one here, they are not going to be here for a while.  And that is a long while to not race.  I miss having a race on the calendar to look forward to.  I miss anticipating the miles of the race ahead and the sights of the course.  I miss having a training plan to follow.  I miss running FAST!!  Not that I would have been going fast today, but it would have been a race regardless.  In Wisconsin there are very few races between December and March and the few that take place may be too snowy and slippery for me to do so I can’t really count on those.

So I let the tears come and went on my own turkey trot around my neighborhood.  It was a slow trot as it was snowy on the roads.  I’ll admit I worry about people’s judgements about pregnant woman running outside in the winter, but I also know I’ve run in the winter outside for the past 14 years and I know a thing or two about winter running.  I also would never run outside if I didn’t feel it was safe or that I’d be risking anything.  A few miles later and I felt so much happier, calmer and ready to be thankful for everything I have and for this little one on the way. So grateful to be having a healthy pregancy and baby thus far.

Tomorrow we are halfway to their arrival. I know that halfway will feel long in terms of running and racing, but it seems so exciting and terrifying that in 20 weeks I will have a child. Crazy! I know all the runs inside and the fewer miles will be so worth the blessing on the way. Running always brings me perspective and calms the thoughts in my head.

Hopefully your Turkey Trots went as you planned and you were given the chance to find some perspective and gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-Halloweens Past}
Halloween Collage
This is the first year Ryan and I are not dressing up and celebrating Halloween. I guess we’re getting old. We’ve had our share of fun over the past years though…

{#2-Halloween Present}
hocus pocus
Involved me eating too many Twix bars. Seriously way too many and watching some classic Halloween movies. I love Hocus Pocus almost more than Twix. This was followed by…

{#3-SCARY movies}
Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 10.36.19 PM
We have this ritual of watching scary movies on Halloween. It’s a once a year thing because I cannot handle it. I seriously freak out; heart pounding, screaming, eyes and ears covered. I really don’t like them, but make myself watch because I sort of like them. For the next month I will check closets, under beds, sleep with my phone…

{#4-Zombies may kill me this weekend}
Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 10.37.27 PM
In the scary movie above a tunnel blows up trapping people and zombies brutally chase and stab people (in the first half). Perfect for the Rails to Trails Half Marathon I’m running Sunday. Now I have to worry about tunnels blowing up and murderous zombies chasing and trying to kill me. This is why I can’t watch scary movies but once a year.

{#5-Today is November 1st}
This means it is a great time of year to once again remember all the things we have to be thankful for. Last year we wrote it on the wall, literally. We plan to do this again as a daily reminder of the amazing life we live. Too often we take things in our life, big and little, for granted.

Happy Weekend!

{Motivation Monday}

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.16.00 PM
This past weekend I was reminded of just how precious life is. One of my husband’s former students was in a terrible accident last week and passed away this past weekend. While I never actually met this young person, I remember my husband talking about him and what a wonderful person he was years earlier when in the middle of a sports season and being his coach.

He mentioned the wonderful qualities he possessed such as being respectful, hard working, a leader, and one of his favorite young people to coach. If you work with young people you know what I mean; he was something special. In the past few years I’ve only heard the same things about his siblings and family. It was with a heavy heart that we heard he did not make it in the wee hours of Sunday.

My husband and I found ourselves wide awake after that phone call. Both of us so sad for this young man’s family and fiance. We discussed the injustice of bad things happening to good people. My husband talked about the young man fondly. For the past few days we’ve been back and forth to the tragic accident and how quickly life can change.

In the blink of an eye your life can change forever. This week and in the future enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Give them that extra hug. Linger a bit longer in your goodbye kiss. Put work away and enjoy each other. Run because you can. Explore and enjoy the fresh air; feel the breeze on your face and in your hair. Be thankful and gracious for all our days are numbered-we just don’t know in what way.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. May they find strength in the coming days. The world is short a wonderful person; may we learn from #32’s impact.