{The Color Run-La Crosse}

A couple of Saturday’s ago a few friends and I got together to run The Color Run in La Crosse. It was a very chilly morning with temperatures in the 30’s (Turkey Trot weather-not September a.m. weather) but at least the sun was shining. We got there plenty early thinking it would be crowded, but the colder temps must have kept people lingering in their houses or cars a bit longer. We wished we had, too.
The 5k route was in a very familiar area so I was curious to see where the course would take us as I didn’t pay too much attention to the specifics of the route. I’m going to let the photos do most the talking as I gave a much more detailed report with color run race tips in my first Color Run race report.





I loved pink, but purple has always been my favorite color. It makes me smile.






After a fun run with friends it was time for brunch. I love fun run Saturdays with friends even if we didn’t get a single picture with all four of us in it. If you haven’t tried a color run yet, what are you waiting for? So fun! Maybe running could become your happy hour?


{The Color Run}

2013-05-25 07.54.57
Last Saturday, Ry and I ran a 5k in Racine, Wisconsin. This wasn’t just any 5k though, it was the “happiest 5k on the planet.” I would agree that it was the most fun 5k I’ve done. While I haven’t done many races at this distance, I would recommend a color run of some sort to anyone who thinks it sounds fun. I would definitely run a color run again. The race is also great for people just starting out with running. Ry and I were amongst very few people who ran the entire race. Many people were run/walking the course or walking the entirety of the distance. If you run for time or competitive drive, then this race is not for you! There is no chip or timing of the race at all. The race is purely for FUN-which it is!
2013-05-25 07.36.53
The Racine race started in Pershing Park along Lake Michigan. The temperatures were in the mid-fifties; perfect weather for running. We got ready at our hotel and were on our way. We dressed in all white just like you are supposed to and had planned to wear our free color run shirts during the race.
2013-05-25 07.47.38
2013-05-25 07.52.26
Ry and I arrived early to pick up our packets since we got in late the night before. Packet pickup was extremely organized and moved quickly. Definitely plan on arriving early if you can’t make the earlier packet pickup times. The swag was great, too. Each runner received a t-shirt, sweatband, three temporary tattoos, and a bag of color (colored cornstarch) as part of there race entry fee. Be aware you can’t use this powder in Utah. Really weird, I know, the bag said it right on the package.
2013-05-25 07.44.52
We ran our goodies back to the Prius and headed to get in line for the race. The race starts in waves. I have no idea how many there were, but we were in wave 5ish. We should have went to the front since we ran the race and had to weave around a lot of people. For those of you running your first color run where you start sort of matters. If you plan to run the 5k, head to the front. If you plan to run/walk, then the middle is the place to be. If you plan to walk the race, then move on back to the, well, back.
2013-05-25 07.54.56
The race started about ten minutes late, but no real big deal. Then it was another ten minutes before our wave started. The race organizers keep you entertained with music and throwing free stuff. Again, the race environment is fun and worry free-not time orientated. For runners like me, who are always thinking about times and fueling at specific miles, it was fun to be carefree.
2013-05-25 08.01.31
A wave countdown started and we were off. The first color around the 1k was pink! Oh, I love pink. We learned quickly if you want to get a fair amount of color, then you need to slow down and walk through. If you keep running, then you won’t have as much opportunity to gain some hue to your white attire.
2013-05-25 08.28.55
2013-05-25 08.29.06
In between the 1k and 2k we saw a woman completing the color run in the outfit below. Looked like fun!
2013-05-25 08.31.06
At the 2k we were doused in yellow. One girl ahead of us laid down on the ground and rolled in the yellow stop-drop-and-roll style. This was about the time I got shot in the ear with yellow. I am still getting it out with a q-tip each morning five days later. Each time I see it though it makes me smile!
2013-05-25 08.35.46

2013-05-25 08.35.52

2013-05-25 08.36.00

2013-05-25 08.36.03

2013-05-25 08.36.09

2013-05-25 08.36.25
The 3k brought the color orange. We could see it coming a block or two away. We were much more successful at “coloring” this time around. Both Ry and I said the sunglasses were essential. We didn’t have to worry about getting color in our eyes this way.
2013-05-25 08.42.18
2013-05-25 08.42.50

2013-05-25 08.42.53

2013-05-25 08.43.05

2013-05-25 08.43.07

2013-05-25 08.43.41
The 4k brought blue to the run. I couldn’t believe how fast the race was going. Ry agreed that the color stops made the race go by so fast. Watch the laughing as you go through the color stops because you won’t be laughing with a mouthful of cornstarch later.
2013-05-25 08.46.45

2013-05-25 08.47.13

2013-05-25 08.47.24
By now we were for sure doing a little bit of this…
2013-05-25 07.50.35
Then before we knew it, the 5k finish line was ahead and we were done. Out comes the color packet that was given to each participant to throw in the air, at friends or spouses, or save for the dance party later.
2013-05-25 08.55.17-2
2013-05-25 08.55.15

2013-05-25 08.55.13

2013-05-25 08.55.25

2013-05-25 08.54.56
2013-05-25 08.53.05

2013-05-25 08.53.42

2013-05-25 08.58.30-1

2013-05-25 08.58.33

And this is just sound advice for anytime really. For both mothers!

Loved this sign!

Loved this sign!

post-race dance party

post-race dance party



2013-05-25 08.56.54
Even after removing my outer layer, I had a lot of color on my undershirt. Consider bringing an extra shirt for after. For sure bring an old towel or beach towel to put on your seats for the ride. We read this somewhere and were so glad we did!
2013-05-25 09.59.34
So, to sum up this race report. The Color Run was awesome! Consider running it if you are young or old, a distance runner or a sprinter, or a walker or a runner. It really doesn’t matter your experience or history with running. The race is just for the fun of it, hence the happiest 5k on the planet.
To get pumped for a color run watch this.

To learn more visit The Color Run website.
2013-05-30 18.38.16

The Color Run 5k
Time: Who Knows
Pace: Who Cares
Overall: Something/8000ish
Gender: No Clue
Division: Faster than the Walkers

{Friday Fab 5}

What a week! Weather ups and downs aside (pretty much like my unprocessed eating and running this week), it is May and that is awesome!

2013-05-02 20.24.28
While the weather was amazing this past weekend, Ry and I took advantage of this and hit the trails. We were shocked to see snow on the ground yet in quite a few spots while hiking in Black River State Forest. We got in a sunny and hilly eight mile hike. Ah-Perfection! What state parks are must hike in Wisconsin? We’re always looking for new trails!

{#2-Nathan Fuel Belt}
2013-05-02 20.41.47
With warmer temperatures the need for water on our hikes and runs is (or was) back. We took my fuel belt for the hike and I was reminded just how much I love it. There is a pocket for your phone or a snack. Most importantly, it stays put with the weight on my back side and doesn’t make my back sweat like my Camelbak. I despise carrying water on any run or hike!

2013-05-02 20.42.56
We fired up the awesome grill I got last summer for a master’s graduation gift from my mom and stepdad this past weekend. Grilled chicken, veggies, and potatoes were yummy! Try this recipe for healthy potato fries-they were delish!

{#4-Runner’s World Magazine}
2013-05-02 20.41.00
I finished my Runner’s World magazine and love everything about this magazine. Even though I don’t consider myself a newbie runner anymore, I still enjoy Marc Parent’s monthly column-The Newbie Chronicles. I especially loved the end of this month’s column which discussed his son running cross country and how runners are just different than other sports participants. Check out his column newbie or not! The link above takes you to a few years worth of columns. You’ll laugh, be inspired, and relate!

{#5-The Color Run}
2013-05-02 21.50.28
I’ve wanted to run “the happiest 5k on the planet” for a while and guess what the husband bought me for my birthday? You guessed it-entries into the The Color Run. What is better than running a race? Running it with your other love! Can’t wait! Anyone else done a color run? What did you think of it?

Happy Weekend!