{Motivation Monday-More Bang For Your Buck}

Tight on time this week, but want to get in a quality workout? Looking to burn a set number of calories in less time? Running short on time for that last mile on your training plan. Whenever I run on the treadmill I always set the incline to at least 1% to better simulate the uneven ground I’d be running on if I were completing the same distance outdoors. I never thought about the workout also burning more calories until I came across this chart. By increasing the incline on the treadmill you challenge your body to work harder and burn more calories.

Check out the chart below to see how you can up the challenge and calorie burn on our next indoor run. Adding in a variety of inclines throughout the workout will make your muscles work in new ways and better simulate outdoor running. Changing up the incline on your run will also help cut down on boredom and the feeling of wanting to throw your iPhone at the wall on yet another treadmill run this winter.

Happy Monday!

{Friday Fab 5-Baked Potato Soup, Sol, Slice of Chicago…}

I was having tech issues today hence the late post. Better late than never!

{#1-Baked Potato Slow Cooker Soup}
It is delicious! Seriously! The husband adds bacon to his!

{#2-Slice of Chicago aka Heaven}
Dinner with the family this week. If you live in the La Crosse, WI area check out this great local place!

{#3-New Water Bottle}
Perfect for the running science teacher!








New beer tried in my quest to try 30 new beers in my 30th year. More on this challenge in a special post tomorrow.

{#5-Indoor Running}
Lots of indoor runs this week. BRRR. Who wants to move to Cali or Hawaii with me? The husband won’t.

Happy Friday!