{Friday Fab 5-Map/Photo Wall Art, Med City Half Marathon, Reading…}

This week has been super busy. Thank goodness I had some time last Saturday to hang pictures, read, and relax!

{#1-Map and Photo Wall Art}

I finally had time to hang photos from our travels around the U.S. I love how the wall turned out. Love, as in I stop and stare at it as I pass by! Photos on the bottom are from the south, photos on right are from eastern U.S., top photos north, etc. The open space is just waiting to be filled with photos of our trip west this summer!

{#2-Time to Read}

And enjoy the new wall art. It wasn’t as much time to relax as I’d hoped, but I took what I could get before my crazy week.

{#3-No Contacts or Makeup}

Relax time meant wearing glasses and no makeup. You will likely never see this bare face again. I wear makeup EVERYWHERE. Always have and likely always will. Props to those of you who don’t, but this girl isn’t that brave!

{#4-Date Night Pizza}

Monday brought an unexpected date night as I needed to buy some last minute supplies for the Science Olympiad kids I coach. The actual date was 20 minutes, but it was great to check in with the mr.

{#5-Med City Half Marathon}

Also a surprise this week was registering for this half marathon on May 25th in Rochester. A friend texted me earlier this week wanting to get a group to run together. I love racing (especially with others) so I was definitely in. It will serve as my last easy long run the Sunday before my big race-Chester Woods 50k!

Anyone have any fun, unexpected race plans that were a blast?

Happy Weekend!

{Friday Fab 5-Baked Potato Soup, Sol, Slice of Chicago…}

I was having tech issues today hence the late post. Better late than never!

{#1-Baked Potato Slow Cooker Soup}
It is delicious! Seriously! The husband adds bacon to his!

{#2-Slice of Chicago aka Heaven}
Dinner with the family this week. If you live in the La Crosse, WI area check out this great local place!

{#3-New Water Bottle}
Perfect for the running science teacher!








New beer tried in my quest to try 30 new beers in my 30th year. More on this challenge in a special post tomorrow.

{#5-Indoor Running}
Lots of indoor runs this week. BRRR. Who wants to move to Cali or Hawaii with me? The husband won’t.

Happy Friday!

{Friday Fab 5}

I’m writing from the road (i.e. from my iphone in the middle of Iowa on Thursday), so this will be short and sweet!

{#1-Road Trip}
Ryan and I hit the road yesterday for a 14 day road trip to see family and have some fun as a duo, too! One of the best parts-new running route and places to share with you! I’ve got two high mileage weeks coming up, so lots of running in this trip!

{#2-Spanish Flatbread Pizza}
I made this on the grill and it was a healthy way to shake up boring old pizza. I never actually get bored by pizza but…Make homemade dough, put on grill until toasted. Toasted side up spread salsa like you would pizza sauce. I used organic black bean and corn salsa. Then add cheese and any veggies. We only had peppers left before our trip, so it was red, orange, and yellow peppers. Grill until cheese is melted. Yum!

I’m nearly 1/3 of the way to my running goal for the year-1500 miles. Too bad I didn’t track my runs February to May hardly ever. I’m back to it now though! What were your goals for the year? Now that we are nearly half way through, what progress have you made?

I’ve been looking for an easy to travel with electrolyte beverage to take on the road that tastes good and is low calories. I’ve always liked Ultima in the past, but powder seemed too messy. I’ve heard a lot about Nuun and bought the mixed fruit box (grape, tropical, strawberry lemonade, and fruit punch). I’ve only tried grape so far, but awesome. Tablets are great, flavor good!

{#5-Luna Bars}
Another perfect for the road favorite to eat pre or post run with nutrients active women need. Love this summer favorite!


Happy Weekend!